Need an icebreaker activity for your next meeting? Let’s look at five potential activities you can introduce to loosen up the tension in the room.


Activity #1: Sell Yourself

Group size: individual 

Materials: a pack of notecards

                 pens for each member



  • Have each member write down their name and  LinkedIn info in front of each card.
  • Tell each member to write down their skills on the back of each card.
  • Announce that each member has 10 minutes to give out their cards to other members.

Moral: encourages employees to improve their elevator pitch skills.


Activity #2: Charades

Group size: 2 groups of 10 members

Materials: notecards with categories (e.g. movies, TV shows, careers, etc.)



  • Pick one member from each group to compete per round to act out a scenario, individually. 
  • Each member has 10 seconds to act out the scenario they choose. 
  • The group whose members guess the most scenarios wins. 

Moral: encourages employees to express creativity and improve communication. 


Activity #3: Desert Island

Group size: 4 groups of 5 people

Materials: a large sheet of paper

                 pens for each group

                 a list of items for the groups to choose from (make them nonsensical) 


  • Explain that each group is stranded on an island, and tell them to choose five items from the given list. 
  • Tell the groups to devise a plan to survive on the island for a week using their chosen 5 items, and write/draw their plan on the given large sheet of paper. 
  • Let each group nominate someone to present the groups’ plan. 
  • Have the meeting group nominate the best plan. 

Moral: encourages employees to improve their planning skills. 


Activity #4: Shrinking Island

Group size: 5 groups of 4 people

Materials: newspaper



  • Set up a large spread of newspaper (represents the island) per group to stand on. 
  • Have each group step off of the newspaper, and divide the newspaper in 2 afterwards. 
  • Give each group 5 seconds to step on the divided newspaper without stepping on the floor. If members fail to do this, they are disqualified.
  • Repeat steps 2-3 until one group remains. 

Moral: encourages employees to improve their ability to work in teams. 


Activity#5: Shark Tank Interview

Group size: 3 groups of 5 people, and 1 separate group of 3 people

Materials: stopwatch


  • Nominate 3 people to be the judges. 
  • Have the remaining 3 groups of 5 people come up with a product to sell to the judges, should the judges choose to give them 1 million dollars to finance the project.  
  • After 5 minutes, have each group choose someone to sell their product to the judges.
  • Let the judges decide which product was the best. 

Moral: encourages employees to improve their ability to think fast about new ideas, and how to present those ideas that could benefit the company in the future.


Try these in your future meetings. Leave a comment to let us know how your experience went. 


Photo compliments of FSU IT Leadership Class FaceBook Group and Mr. Hany Alsalmi. 

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