The FSU Nole Your Campus Leadership group were tasked with shedding light on some on campus places of interest students rarely visit. 

Here are five of the most interesting places Nole Your Campus featured on their Instagram account. 


Spot #1: Ruby Diamond Concert Hall


Inside Ruby Diamond Concert Hall

Everyone’s heard of the Westcott Fountain, but have you ever been inside of the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall? Located on the first floor of the Westcott Building and named after life-long citizen of Tallahassee, Ruby Diamond , the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall accommodates students and faculty of FSU in an auditorium setting. You should definitely visit during events to enjoy the experience of the since renovated Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. Learn more about the history of the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall by clicking on this link:


Spot #2: Heritage Museum

Inside the Beautiful Heritage Museum

Museums can sometimes be boring, but in my opinion, the Heritage Museum is one of the most visually-stunning museums in Tallahassee. You can find this museum in the Werkmeister Room of the Dodd Hall. The Heritage Museum proves that churches are not the only places containing beautiful stained glass windows. Whether you want to know more, or take a picture to spruce up your Instagram account, visit the following website to find out more about the Heritage Museum:


Spot #3: Innovation Hub


3-D Printer and Finished Model in the first floor of the Innovation Hub

Are you an innovative, techie? In that case, look no further than that of the Innovation Hub, a place where you can have 3-D printers, a Virtual Reality Lab, vintage video games, video/audio equipment, study rooms, or a place to hang out with friends, right at your fingertips. I know the Shores Building can sometimes be a pain to find, but when you find it (hint: put 142 Collegiate Loop into Google Maps), the first floor will lead you directly to the Innovation Hub. To find out what workshops are being offered in the Innovation Hub, click on this website link:


Spot #4: Argo Tea Cafe


All You Can Drink Tea Wall in the Argo Tea Cafe

Speaking of the Shores Building, do you favor tea or coffee? Whichever one you like, check out the Argo Tea Cafe that is situated inside the Shores Building. If you want a more healthy food and beverage experience at FSU, stop by the Argo Tea Cafe today, where you can eat, mingle, and study on your own/with your friends in a comfortable environment. Visit this link to see the post Nole Your Campus made on the Argo Tea Cafe:


Spot #5: James E “Jim” King Jr. Building 

First Floor of the King Building

Are you an upcoming Biology major? Then the King Life Sciences Building can open many doors for your future Biology, career endeavors. If you have an interest in becoming a Biology graduate student, the King Life Sciences Building is definitely a place you will be frequenting in the future. To find out more about some of the attractions present in the building, click on this link:

To find our more about the Nole Your Campus Instagram page, search @noleyourcampus or visit today.


Photos and info compliments of @noleyourcampus